About Us


Paul has loved photography since the age of eleven. Capturing images that tell stories and not just simply taking photos.  

Your photography is absolutely amazing!

When you sign up with us to shoot your wedding or next event, you are not just getting a photographer who is just interested in a paycheck.  You are getting a team that believes in integrity. You will absolutely love your images!

We love to keep our clients happy! From the very first moment that you meet us, you will know that you have found the right photographer.  Our style comes from years of making our clients happy by providing them with absolutely stunning imagery and service that exceeds their expections.  All of our clients become our friends and regardless of the package they choose, are treated like they have purchased our VIP package.

We have so many compliments from our clients, letting us know how they absolutely loved their photos. And their friends and family let them know that they are the most beautiful photos that they have ever seen. We cherish their opinions and letters and stive to keep amazing those who decide that we are the perfect choice for their wedding or event.   

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